The Healing Life Center

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healing massage     

The therapist will use a combination of massage modalities to cater to what the client's body need. Most people will choose this option to give the therapist the freedom to practice freely facilitating healing.


This classic relaxation massage, with long repetitive strokes, will give your body better circulation, lower blood pressure, and improve your immune system.

deep tissue     

A relaxing massage catered to individuals who like deep/firm pressure.  Your therapist will use tools, elbows/knuckles to massage and focus on your tight muscles.


An ancient and effective Chinese healing art using pressure points to stimulate and increase circulation in the body.  Similar to acupuncture, but without the needles.

sports massage     

The ideal massage, if you are recovering from an injury, have chronic pain, or have a restricted range of motion.  Geared towards all athletes, from children to the weekend jogger to the Pros.

pregnancy massage     

A light and relaxing massage  expecting mothers after her first trimester. Our talented and trained staff can help you address concerns or issues, such as a breeched pregnancy, help you induce labor, etc.

chair massage     

If you are short on time, opt for a 15-minute revitalizing chair massage. Your therapist applies various massage techniques concentrating on your back, shoulders, neck, and arms.


steam therapy     

Lying comfortably on a massage table, a heated tent will cover you from the neck down. Herbs and essential oils will be added to the steam to detoxify the body and remove excess water.  An organic body scrub can be added for and additional $20.

essential oil (add-on)      

You can choose from an array of high quality organic essential oils to add to any massage of your choice. Essential oils have been shown to help combat aging, common colds, ailments, and even some cancer.  100% pure individual and blended essential oils are also available for purchase.

facial rejuvenation     

Your therapist customizes a rejuvenating and relaxing facial massage for you, using only quality organic products.

ionic foot detoxification therapy     

A great way to detox your body through electrolysis. A warm foot bath is charged into positive and negative ions, drawing impurities out of the body through the feet.


marma points release     

Marma points are points on your body that corresponds to the functionality of your body and chakra energy systems.  Your therapist will use circular motions to release tension in your body and balance your system.



Reiki is a Japanese technique used to balance the body by reducing stress and promoting relaxation & healing.  It's translation is “the heaven’s eternal life-force energy".  Practitioners use this energy to heal clients by giving the body balance.

     -    aura cleansing and restore

     -    distant healing

     -    past life healing

     -    emotional balance


intuitive reading     $40 (per 30 minute session)

There must be a balance with a person's mind, body, and soul to be complete as a whole.  A spiritual healer will provide you with an in-depth spiritual and/or physical reading.  Notes and recommendation(s) will be provided if additional step(s) are needed to achieve optimal results.

     -    soul retrieval

     -    soul strengthening

     -    healing water

     -    past life karma balance

     -    spiritual protection

     -    good luck charms