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  • I have never gotten a professional massage before, what do I do to prepare myself for my appointment?

First of all you should relax and keep an open mind. A massage session is about you giving back to yourself, allowing yourself to heal and feel better from your daily aches and pain. Take a nice warm shower, dress comfortably, and show up at least 15 minutes before your appointment.

  • How much do I undress?

The answer to this question is entirely up to you. However you feel comfortable you undress to that level. Most people will undress to their undergarments so that the massage therapist will have more surface area to work on. For example if a client have their shirt on, it is harder for the therapist to work on shoulder and back muscles. Talk to your therapist about your comfort level. Remember that as massage therapists we are here to help facilitate your healing, there is absolutely no judgement on our behalf.

  • How long are massages?

Our massages normally lasts for 60 minutes unless specified.

  • Can I speak up if I am not comfortable?

Please do! We welcome all clients to tell the therapist if they are uncomfortable. Remember your session is about you!

  • Should I talk or keep silence during a massage?

Normally we would like our massage sessions to be quiet as possible. We would much rather have conversations kept to a minimal.

  • Do I only stick to one therapist?

At our center we encourage all clients to try all our therapists! All our therapists are highly trained and wonderful.

  • How much do I tip? Where do I leave the tip? And how should I give the gratuity to the therapist?

Gratuity is entirely up to you. Normally our clients will tip 20% - 30% of the total amount. We understand that it can get awkward with leaving tips, so we have provided small envelopes in each room for your convenience. You can simply put the gratuity in the small envelope as you leave. If you are paying with a credit card you can add the amount as you check out.

  • Is it normal to have a runny nose during a massage?

Yes! After lying down for several minutes face down you may experience a runny nose. Just ask for a tissue and we will oblige.

  • Can I have an alcoholic beverage before a massage?

No! No alcoholic beverages before or after massages. Alcohol may make you feel fatigue and come down with cold like systems after a massage. Receiving a massage increases blood flow and circulation, thus alcohol will have a faster effect on your body. Please refrain from drinking, especially after a massage.

  • What happens if I am late to my appointment?

We will try our hardest to accommodate you, but if we cannot you will lose however minutes that you are late. In addition if you do not show up for your appointment you may still be charged. Thus we encourage all clients to arrive 10-15 minutes early for their appointments.

  • Do I get a discount if I buy more than one session?

Yes, we give discount on series of massages. Please call for a quote.

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